About this place and me

Foreign affairs types love to invoke the "rules-based international order".

I think that's an admirable standard but one which states often fall far short of meeting, or twist for their own ends.

That's why I prefer my own phrase: the fools-based order.

My name's Mateo and I'm a Polish-Australian living in Melbourne. I'm a writer and strategic communications practitioner. In previous lives, I've worked as a political speechwriter, communications manager, biomedical investment attraction professional and economic analyst.

This place will be home to my published writing and additional stray thoughts about politics (near and far), football (perhaps the best example of a fools-based order) and whatever else comes to mind. My house, my rules.

Hire me to write things for you! Send an email to mateo [at] simplespeaker [dot] net, or better still – find my speechwriting practice.

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